in high dudgeon

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in high dudgeon (not comparable)

  1. Indignant and enraged.
    • All gentle folks who owe a grudge, by John Keats
      “All gentle folks who owe a grudge
      To any living thing,
      Open your ears and stay your trudge
      Whilst I in dudgeon sing.”
    • 1849, Mardi, and a Voyage Thither, by Herman Melville, Volume I, Chapter XC, Rare Sport At Ohonoo
      “Vivo, one of the genii, built a ladder of mountains whereby to go up and go down. And of this ladder, the island of Ohonoo was the base. But wandering here and there, incognito in a vapor, so much wickedness did Vivo spy out, that in high dudgeon he hurried up his ladder, knocking the mountains from under him as he went. These here and there fell into the lagoon, forming many isles, now green and luxuriant; which, with those sprouting from seeds dropped by a bird from the moon, comprise all the groups in the reef.”

Prepositional phrase[edit]

in high dudgeon

  1. (idiomatic) Resentfully or furiously.