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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English inborȝ (bail), from Old English inborh (bail, security in cases of theft, a security required in cases where property had been stolen), from in- + borh, borg (a security, pledge, loan, bail; payment), equivalent to in- +‎ borrow. Related to Old English borgian (to borrow; lend; be surety for). More at borrow.


inborrow (plural inborrows)

  1. (obsolete) Security; bail.
  2. (obsolete) One who gives or offers security for another; a surety.
    inborrow and outborrow


inborrow (third-person singular simple present inborrows, present participle inborrowing, simple past and past participle inborrowed)

  1. (transitive, Britain dialectal, Scotland) To redeem or buy back from pawn; resume a pledge by restoring the money that has been lent on it; redeem.