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From French indiscipline, from Middle French, from Late Latin indisciplina


indiscipline (usually uncountable, plural indisciplines)

  1. Lack of discipline.
    • 1871, Charles Kingsley, At Last, ch. 17:
      [O]ur delay, and other things which happened, were proofs—and I was told not uncommon ones—of that carelessness, unreadiness, and general indiscipline of French arrangements, which has helped to bring about, since then, an utter ruin.
    • 2002 Feb. 7, Steven Erlanger, "German Unemployment Is Growing Problem for Schröder," New York Times (retrieved 15 June 2013):
      Germany feared that the fiscal indiscipline of countries like Italy and Greece could make the new euro currency unstable.



indiscipline f

  1. plural of indisciplina