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in- +‎ flow


inflow (countable and uncountable, plural inflows)

  1. The act or process of flowing in or into
  2. Anything which flows in or into
    The inflow of air
  3. Influence.
    • 2000, Sandra Marie Schneiders, Finding the Treasure:
      But there is also "top down causality" in which the entire system, as a whole, is affected by the inflow or influence of pattern formation, or "information."
    • 2008, Richard Calichman, Overcoming Modernity:
      Broadly speaking, there are two cases in which a national culture is subjected to the sudden inflow or influence of a foreign culture: (1) when the former is conquered by the latter and (2) when it conquers the latter.
    • 2010, Gabriel Ezutah, Trail of Immortality:
      Open yourself completely to the inflow and influence of the music and light of God through daily practice of the spiritual exercises, which he gives to you.



Related terms[edit]



inflow (third-person singular simple present inflows, present participle inflowing, simple past and past participle inflowed)

  1. To flow in.
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