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Latin affluĕre, affluxum. See affluent.


afflux (plural affluxes)

  1. An upward rush of fluid.
    • 1874 January 9, "Chemical News from Foreign Sources," Chemical News [1], page 26, of waterspouts:
      The vis viva of these affluxes is employed almost wholly in turning the mass of intermediate gas []
  2. (hydrology) The rise in water level (above normal) on the upstream side of a bridge or obstruction caused when the effective flow area at the obstruction is less than the natural width of the stream immediately upstream of the obstruction.
    • 2004, Transportation Association of Canada, Guide to Bridge Hydraulics [2], →ISBN, page 66 :
      Backwater due to the crossing as a whole should not be confused with local afflux at piers due to pileup of flow against the hydraulic stagnation point []



  • IPA(key): /
  • (file)


afflux m (plural afflux)

  1. influx (inward flow)

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