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From Dutch informatie (information), from Middle French informacion, enformacion (Modern French information), and their source, Latin īnfōrmātiō (formation, conception; education), from the participle stem of īnfōrmō (to inform). Cognate with Afrikaans informasie (information).


  • IPA(key): /infɔrmasi/
  • Hyphenation: in‧for‧ma‧si


informasi (first-person possessive informasiku, second-person possessive informasimu, third-person possessive informasinya)

  1. explanation
    Synonym: penerangan
  2. announcement
    Synonyms: berita, info, kabar, warta, warita, kisah, maklumat, pemberitahuan, pengumuman, siaran, uar-uar, urit, urita, wara-wara
  3. information, knowledge


Conjugation of informasi (meng-, transitive)
Root informasi
Active Involuntary Passive Imperative Jussive
Causative / Applicative1 menginformasikan terinformasikan diinformasikan informasikan informasikanlah
1The -kan row is either causative or applicative, with transitive roots it mostly has applicative meaning.
Note: Some of these forms do normally not exist or are seldom used in standard Indonesian. Some also change meaning.

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