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Alternative forms[edit]


From Zulu inkosi ‎(chief, king).


inkosi ‎(plural inkosis or amakosi)

  1. A chief (particularly Zulu).
    • 1956, Margaret Read, The Ngoni of Nyasaland (page 66)
      Before leaving his house to go to the kraal the inkosi had to eat a little porridge.
    • 2012, Richard Whitaker (trans.), Homer (author), The Iliad: A Southern African Translation[1]
      Muse, sing the rage of Peleus’ son Akhilleus, / deadly rage that brought the Akhaians endless pain, / that hurled down to Hades many strong souls / of heroes and made their bodies meat for dogs / and vultures, fulfilling the plan of Zeus, / ever since that day those two quarreled— / inkosi Agamemnon and godlike Akhilleus.



inkosi class 9/6 ‎(plural amakhosi)

  1. chief, king

Derived terms[edit]