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From Middle English inleden ‎(to lead or bring in, introduce), from Old English inlǣdan ‎(to lead in, bring in, introduce, conduct), equivalent to in- +‎ lead.


inlead ‎(third-person singular simple present inleads, present participle inleading, simple past and past participle inled)

  1. (transitive, mechanical and electrical) To lead into; conduct.
    new afferent or inleading processes might be set up tending, themselves, towards the mathematical point of interaction --Helge Lundholm
  2. (religious) To lead from within.
    When man is in the former state, the Lord inflows and inleads immediately --Emanuel Swedenborg


inlead ‎(plural inleads)

  1. (mechanical and electrical) A conduit, channel or wire leading into a container or device.
    a cathode inlead
    inlead tube

Derived terms[edit]