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Probably coined in 1880-1884 by Joseph O'Dwyer, M.D., in widespread publication in 1887.



intubation (countable and uncountable, plural intubations)

  1. (medicine) The introduction of a tube into an organ to keep it open, as into the larynx in croup.
    • 1886 July 3, Dulaskie Miller, “On the Treatment of Diphtheria”, in Journal of the American Medical Association:
      Intubation, it is now claimed, offers these advantages. Since the revival of this procedure by Dr. O'Dwyer a little more than a year ago, it has been tested in many cases
    • 1887, J. O'Dwyer, “Intubation Of The Larynx, With Demonstration On A Cadaver”, in Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of New York‎, page Page 323:
      Before proceeding to demonstrate the method of practising intubation of the larynx on this little cadaver, I will pass around for your inspection a few of the principal varieties of tubes devised to overcome obstruction in the larynx in croup and other forms of stenosis. They will serve to show the different stages of development through which this operation has passed from its inception in January 1880 to the present time.

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intuber +‎ -ation


intubation f (plural intubations)

  1. intubation