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jackboot +‎ -ed


jackbooted (not comparable)

  1. Wearing a jackboot or jackboots.
    a jackbooted thug
    • 1819, Hans Busk, The Banquet, London: Baldwin, Canto III, p. 96,[1]
      For, as the mighty cavalcades approach
      Periwigg’d, Jackbooted, to announce the coach;
      A thousand lamps spontaneously appear,
      Through the long vista—visitors to cheer.—
    • 1914, P. C. Wren, Snake and Sword, London: Longman, Green & Co., Chapter 3, p. 43,[2]
      He loved to see him in review uniform—so much more delightful than plain khaki—pale blue, white, and gold, in full panoply of accoutrement, jackbooted and spurred, and with the great turban that made his English face look more English still.
    • 1980, Anthony Burgess, Earthly Powers, London: Hutchinson, Chapter 53,
      In the departure zone he rasped at Lufthansa officials in what seemed very theatrical German. So might he have acted some cardboard jackbooted Prussian in an end-of-term comedy at Hyderabad House near Bridport.