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From Middle Dutch jalours, jaloers, also jalous, jaloes, from Old French jalous, from Late Latin zelosus. The -r- is not etymological and does not appear in any other language; even the related Dutch term jaloezie lacks it. Its origin is unknown, but may have arisen by analogy if the endings -s and -rs were homophonous in Middle Dutch.



jaloers (comparative jaloerser, superlative meest jaloers or jaloerst)

  1. jealous (bitterly or enviously competitive)


Inflection of jaloers
uninflected jaloers
inflected jaloerse
comparative jaloerser
positive comparative superlative
predicative/adverbial jaloers jaloerser het jaloerst
het jaloerste
indefinite m./f. sing. jaloerse jaloersere jaloerste
n. sing. jaloers jaloerser jaloerste
plural jaloerse jaloersere jaloerste
definite jaloerse jaloersere jaloerste
partitive jaloers jaloersers

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