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Etymology 1

Transferred use of Jew.

Alternative forms


jew (third-person singular simple present jews, present participle jewing, simple past and past participle jewed)

  1. (offensive) Alternative letter-case form of Jew
    • 2001 September 24, Donald R. Bernard, John Goldsmith, Bullion, iUniverse, →ISBN, page 162:
      'You're jewing me on the price, right? Well get this and get it good, I don't get jewed. Not by anybody.' Dan, who had lost the toss and taken the call, wished John a Merry Christmas. The advent of Christmas compounded their problems.
    • 2004 June 20, Victor, “The Ten Truths: On Jewish Lawyers & the Jewing of Law”, in alt.california[1] (Usenet):
      Nevertheless, decisions used to be rendered based on long-honored
      White traditions or "precedent," and supported by reason and logic. In
      today's jewed system, by contrast, one is more apt to read a legal
      opinion which cites U.N. resolutions or jewish sociologists than
      Black's Law Dictionary.
    • 2015 May 12, Herbert Burkholz, Writer-in-Residence, Open Road Media, →ISBN:
      “By God, you're jewing me, that's what it is.” “Take it or leave it.” “Oh, I take it, but you're jewing me.” Max made a sweeping motion with his hand and the two women came down the bar to join them. When he told Helga that everything []
    • 2017 March 28, Stephen King, Different Seasons: Four Novellas, Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, page 47:
      “And listen to me well: if you're jewing me somehow, you're gonna find yourself chasing your own head around Shower C before the week's out.” “Yes, I understand that,” Andy said softly. And he did [...]
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:jew.
Related terms


jew (plural jews)

  1. (Australia) The jewfish. [from 19th c.]
    • 1994, Rita Huggins & Jackie Huggins, Auntie Rita, in Heiss & Minter, Macquarie PEN Anthology of Aboriginal Literature, Allen & Unwin 2008, p. 151:
      The creeks gave us lots of food, too—yellow belly and jew, perch and eel.
  2. (offensive) Alternative letter-case form of Jew (a Jewish person)
    • 2004 December 21, Will McDonald, “The Jewing of Christmas”, in alt.california[2] (Usenet):
      It is jews behind the campaign to destroy it, admits WND[sic] house jew.
      Just as we WN[sic] have said all along.

Etymology 2



  1. Pronunciation spelling of d' you, representing colloquial English.
  2. Pronunciation spelling of 'd you, representing colloquial English.
    How jew do that? ("How'd you do that?")




From Arabic أَوْ (ʔaw).




  1. or
    • 2020 October 16, “Il-WHO: “Il-mediċina remdisivir bi ftit jew l-ebda effett fuq il-kura mill-Covid-19””, in iNews Malta[3], archived from the original on 2020-11-01:
      Il-mediċina remdisivir għandha ftit jew l-ebda effett fuq iċ-ċansijiet li pazjenti jfiqu mill-Covid-19. Dan jirriżulta minn studju ppubblikat mill-Organizzazzjoni Dinjija għas-Saħħa.
      (please add an English translation of this quotation)
  2. else