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Alternative forms[edit]


Probably onomatopoeic. Compare jig and jiggle.


jig-jig (uncountable)

  1. (chiefly pidgin English) sexual intercourse, sex
    • 1948, Eugene B. Vest, Native Words Learned by American Soldiers in India and Burma in World War II in American Speech, Vol. 23, No. 3/4
      JIG JIG. Intercourse. American soldiers heard it as zig zig in France and also in New Caledonia and elsewhere in the South Pacific.
    • 1948, Graham Greene, The Heart of the Matter
      ‘Pretty girl jig jig by-and-by.’
    • 1969, Graham Greene, Travels with My Aunt
      ‘No jig-jig here,’ Wordsworth said. ‘If you wan jig-jig you take her to hotel.’
    • 1996, Albert Meltzer, I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels
      I infuriated them when they came to me by answering only the British officer and acting as if the French one could only understand music-hall pidgin-Franglais (he spoke English perfectly well). “Nice country, non? Mini-skirts, mademoiselles, oo la la. It rains always but plenty jig-jig, wee-wee — you wanna go?”
    • 1998, David Marion Wilkinson, The Empty Quarter
      “Only twenty-eight days more, I go to fucking India. Plenty jig-jig. No more whanimidi!” Abdullah gestured with his hands to signify masturbation. “Jig-jig” clearly meant the preferred alternative.
    • 2002, Jan Merlin, Ainoko
      “Ah! you want jig-jig?”
      “No, goddamnit, I don’t want no fucking jig-jig,” Jordan replied impatiently. The boy’s vocabulary in English was limited to ‘You buy, hubba-hubba, booze-o,’ and a few other important phrases leading to a multiplication of numbers equaling yen.


jig-jig (third-person singular simple present jig-jigs, present participle jig-jigging, simple past and past participle jig-jigged)

  1. to have sex
    • 1998, David Marion Wilkinson, The Empty Quarter
      “”Doc jig-jig pretty much with anyone interested in jig-jigging him.