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juice +‎ -less


juiceless (comparative more juiceless, superlative most juiceless)

  1. Without juice or sap.
    • 1893, George Massee, British Fungus-flora: A Classified Text-book of Mycology
      Stem fragile, dry, juiceless, base fibrillose, scarcely rooting.
  2. Dry, dull; lacking vivacity or spirit.
    • 1898, Popular Educator
      The three R's were abominably taught and the course of work was narrow and juiceless to the extreme.
    • 1966, Robert James McCracken, What is Sin? What is Virtue?
      A bad-tempered person is a humorless, juiceless person. [...] What a humorless, juiceless, jaundiced pair they must have been!

Derived terms[edit]