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Etymology 1[edit]

From German, a contraction of jung herr (young noble); compare English young and herre; also younker.



junker (plural junkers)

  1. A young German noble or squire, especially a member of the aristocratic party in Prussia, stereotyped with narrow-minded militaristic and authoritarian attitudes.
    • 1919, Boris Sidis, The Source and Aim of Human Progress:
      Professors of philosophy and science carrying high the patriotic banner of Kultur and culture gloried in the system of compulsory, universal, military service, first made in Germany exulted in the degrading, vicious process of training by which the individual is hypnotized into submission to a brutal organization of military junkers, hallowed by the name of state and Fatherland, it was the darkest period in the history of mankind.
Alternative forms[edit]
Derived terms[edit]


Etymology 2[edit]

From junk +‎ -er.


junker (plural junkers)

  1. (informal) A beat-up automobile.