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Alternative forms[edit]


This definition is lacking an etymology or has an incomplete etymology. You can help Wiktionary by giving it a proper etymology. Derived from Old English "cȳf" meaning a vat. (Macdonald, A. M., ed. (1972) Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary; new ed. Edinburgh: Chambers; p. 719)


keeve ‎(plural keeves)

  1. (brewing) A vat or tub in which the mash is made; a mash tub.
  2. (bleaching) A bleaching vat; a kier.
  3. (mining) A large vat used in dressing ores.


keeve ‎(third-person singular simple present keeves, present participle keeving, simple past and past participle keeved)

  1. To set in a keeve, or tub, for fermentation.
  2. (Britain, dialect) To heave; to tilt, as a cart.