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Alternative forms[edit]


From Yiddish קיבעצן (kibetsn), cognate to German kiebitzen (to look on), from Kiebitz (lapwing, plover, meddlesome person, looker on at a card game), from gibiz (plover), imitative of its cry.



kibitz (third-person singular simple present kibitzes, present participle kibitzing, simple past and past participle kibitzed)

  1. To chat; to gossip; to make small talk or idle chatter.
    Louise and I used to head down to the coffee shop and just sit for hours and kibitz.
  2. To give unsolicited or unwanted advice or make unhelpful or idle comments, especially to someone playing a game.
    Quit kibitzing! You're giving away my hand!
  3. To watch a card or board game.

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