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kodols m (1st declension)

  1. core, kernel (internal part of a fruit or nut, covered by a shell)
    rieksta kodols‎ ― nut kernel
    plūmju kauliņa kodols‎ ― plum kernel
  2. core, centre, nucleus (central internal part of something)
    zemes kodols‎ ― Earth core, centre
    komētas kodols‎ ― comet core
    šūnas kodols‎ ― cell nucleus
    atoma kodols‎ ― atom nucleus
  3. (physics, also atoma kodols) atomic nucleus
    kodola daļiņa‎ ― nuclear particle
    termiskās kodolu reakcijas‎ ― thermonuclear reactions
    kodolu dalīšanās‎ ― nuclear fusion (lit. nuclear splitting)
  4. core, essence, essential point
    temata, problēmas kodols‎ ― the core of the topic, problem
    filmas sižetiskais kodols‎ ― the core of the film plot
    lietas, runas kodols‎ ― the essential point of the topic, of the speech


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