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Lợn (Sus domesticus)
Yin-yang pigs (lợn âm dương) on a Vietnamese Đồng Hồ painting

Alternative forms

  • (Northern Vietnam, humorous) nhợn



Alves (2022) entertains the possibility of it being a borrowed from Old Chinese (OC *lˤu[n]ʔ) (B-S) (SV: đồn); the vowel correspondence, however, is hard to explain.





(classifier con) lợn (𤞼)

  1. (Northern Vietnam) pig, swine
  2. (chiefly Northern Vietnam) a person:
    1. (derogatory, vulgar) a contemptible, objectionable person.
      Ơ con lợn này!Oi you bloody swine!
    2. (figurative, derogatory) a glutton.
      Con lợn này ham ăn vãi!This pig is gluttonous as hell!
    3. (figurative, humorous) a fat person.
      Bụng con lợn này to vãi cả chưởng!This pig's belly is big as hell!
  3. Short for lợn đất. (piggy bank)
    Đút tiền lì xì vào lợn đi con!You should put that lì xì money into the piggy bank!



Derived terms


Proverbs and idioms