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Alternative forms[edit]


labeling (plural labelings)

  1. A set of labels applied to the various objects in a system.
    • 2009 January, Bernard Russo and James J. Tattersall, "Program of the Sessions: Washington, District of Columbia, January 5–8, 2009", Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 56:1[1], page 143:
      4:00PM (722) An upper bound for the number of graceful labelings of a path with n edges. Sylvia R. Naples, Bard College
  2. (biochemistry) The introduction of a traceable chemical group (e.g., containing an isotope or a fluorescent dye) into a protein or other biomolecule of interest so it can be tracked or quantified during experimental analysis.
    • 1992, David C. Morrison and John Louis Ryan, Bacterial Endotoxic Lipopolysaccharides: Molecular biochemistry and cellular biology, →ISBN, page 407:
      There are two potential problems with this approach: first, the specificity of labeling depends on the purity of the LPS (if contaminants are present, they may be labeled also); second, removal of the label from the LPS in vivo might occur separately from processing of the LPS molecule itself.





  1. present participle of label