lapsus digiti

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From the Latin: lāpsus (a slipping or falling) (lāpsūs in the plural) + digitī (of [a / the] finger), genitive singular form of digitus (finger) = “a finger’s slipping”; compare lapsus digitorum.




lapsus digiti (plural lapsus digiti)

  1. (rare) A “slip of the finger”; a miskeying.
    • 1905: Joel Asaph Allen, Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896–1899, volume 3, part 1, “Mammalia of Southern Patagonia”, page 248 (Princeton University)
      […] the names can hardly be considered distinct, being either a misprint or a lapsus digiti.
    • 1918–1921: Carl H. Eigenmann, Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum, volume VII, № 5, “The Pygidiidæ, a Family of South American Catfishes”, page 289
      Cuvier & Valenciennes state that the first ray of the dorsal of P. nigricans is prolonged in a filament. Is this a lapsus digiti for first ray of the pectoral? The dorsal and anal have from two to four minute accessory rays entirely hidden in the thick skin in front of the evident portion of these fins.
    • 2007: Fine Books & Collections, volume 5, issues 1–6, page xxxvii (OP Media)
      Since I am hunting Latin and Greek classics, and since booksellers often misspell titles (or leave the author’s name in the genitive case), many excellent purchases can be made at the expense of a seller’s lapsus digiti.

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