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Via other European languages, ultimately borrowed from Latin latīnus (Latin), itself derived from Latium, the name of the region in Central Italy where the ancient Latins lived (and where Rome is located).




latīnis m (2nd declension, feminine form: latīniete)

  1. a Latin man; a male member of the people of Latium (today's Lazio) in ancient Italy
    (usually in the plural) latīņi, the Latin people
  2. a Latino, a man from Latin America
  3. (genitive plural) Latin; pertaining to the Latin people of ancient Italy, and especially to their language
    latīņu impērijathe Latin empire
    latīņu valodathe Latin language
    latīņu alfabētsthe Latin alphabet
    latīņu burtiLatin letters
  4. (genitive plural) Latin, Latino; pertaining to Latin America and its peoples
    Latīņu Amerika, LatīņamerikaLatin America


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