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Via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from Latin latīnus ‎(Latin), itself derived from Latium, the name of the region in Central Italy where the ancient Latins lived (and where Rome is located).




latīnis m (2nd declension, feminine form: latīniete)

  1. a Latin man; a male member of the people of Latium (today's Lazio) in ancient Italy
    (chiefly in the plural) latīņi, the Latin people
  2. a Latino, a man from Latin America
  3. (genitive plural) Latin; pertaining to the Latin people of ancient Italy, and especially to their language
    latīņu impērija‎ ― the Latin empire
    latīņu valoda‎ ― the Latin language
    latīņu alfabēts‎ ― the Latin alphabet
    latīņu burti‎ ― Latin letters
  4. (genitive plural) Latin, Latino; pertaining to Latin America and its peoples
    Latīņu Amerika, Latīņamerika‎ ― Latin America


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