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From laugh +‎ -able.



laughable (comparative more laughable, superlative most laughable)

  1. (now rare) Fitted to excite laughter; humorous.
    • 1808–10, William Hickey, Memoirs of a Georgian Rake, Folio Society 1995, p. 91:
      At this our first dinner at the Government House a very laughable incident occurred.
  2. Worthless; worthy of contempt or derision.
    • 2012 June 3, Nathan Rabin, “TV: Review: THE SIMPSONS (CLASSIC): “Mr. Plow” (season 4, episode 9; originally aired 11/19/1992)”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[1]:
      It would be difficult, for example, to imagine a bigger, more obvious subject for comedy than the laughable self-delusion of washed-up celebrities, especially if the washed-up celebrity in question is Adam West, a camp icon who can go toe to toe with William Shatner as the king of winking self-parody.


Derived terms[edit]