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Alternative forms[edit]


From lead +‎ out.


lead-out (plural lead-outs)

  1. (broadcasting) A program scheduled to follow another.
    • 1992, Roger Alan Cooper, Syndication and the Structural Determinants of Television
      The lead - in rating is expected to be the greatest single predictor of a syndicated television program , with the leadout second
  2. (cycling) The tactic where one cyclist goes ahead at high speed so that a following teammate (the sprinter) can benefit from the slipstream. See drafting.
  3. The final part of the groove of a vinyl record, after the end of the recording.
    • 1985, Stereo Review (volume 50, page 24)
      It's not always convenient for me to pick up the tone arm at the end of the record and the stylus continues to ride the leadout groove for a time.
  4. A marker in the data stored on a compact disc, representing the end of a recording session.