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French l'iguane, "the iguana", through Dutch and Afrikaans.


leguaan (plural leguaans)

  1. An iguana.
  2. Any of the monitor lizards
    • 2001 : Finally, a help plea yesterday from Debbie Thompson of Gonubie -- what to do about a small leguaan that had taken up residence in her "somewhat wild" garden with big trees, dense shrubs and hedges? [1]
    • 2006 : This is the view of Sazi Mhlongo, chair of the Traditional Healers's Association of SA (Thasa). It follows the recent court appearance of a sangoma and five others after police discovered the skins of various protected animals in the sangoma's house. The skins included that of a lion, leopard, puff adder and water leguaan. [2]