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[around 1325] Borrowed from South Slavic. Compare Old Church Slavonic лѧща (lęšta), Bulgarian леща (lešta), Macedonian леќа (leḱa), Serbo-Croatian leća, Slovene leča. First used in the sense of plant. Later, after German influence, it also emerged as a medical term (in anatomy) [1787] and in optics [1799].[1] Common Slavic age form is reconstructed as Proto-Slavic *lęťa, being probably a loanword from an unidentified source.



lencse (plural lencsék)

  1. lentil (seed used as food)
  2. lens (object focusing or defocusing the light passing through it)


Inflection (stem in long/high vowel, front unrounded harmony)
singular plural
nominative lencse lencsék
accusative lencsét lencséket
dative lencsének lencséknek
instrumental lencsével lencsékkel
causal-final lencséért lencsékért
translative lencsévé lencsékké
terminative lencséig lencsékig
essive-formal lencseként lencsékként
inessive lencsében lencsékben
superessive lencsén lencséken
adessive lencsénél lencséknél
illative lencsébe lencsékbe
sublative lencsére lencsékre
allative lencséhez lencsékhez
elative lencséből lencsékből
delative lencséről lencsékről
ablative lencsétől lencséktől
possessive - singular
lencséé lencséké
possessive - plural
lencsééi lencsékéi
Possessive forms of lencse
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. lencsém lencséim
2nd person sing. lencséd lencséid
3rd person sing. lencséje lencséi
1st person plural lencsénk lencséink
2nd person plural lencsétek lencséitek
3rd person plural lencséjük lencséik

Derived terms[edit]

Compound words


  • Rusyn: ленча (lenča)


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