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lens +‎ -let


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lenslet (plural lenslets)

  1. (physics) A small lens that is part of an array used to generate illumination of uniform intensity
    • 1958 August 1, Charles M. Huggins, “An Analytical Evaluation of the Lenticular-Plate Cinemicrograph and the Image-Dissection Process”, in Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, volume 67, number 8, page 523:
      The photo plate is traversed so that each lenslet tracks along the dotted line.
    • 1992, Mohammad A. Karim, Electro-Optical Displays, page 267:
      Screens are now available with lenticular lenslets.
    • 2008, Matthew S. Brennesholtz, Projection Displays:
      Typical lenslet integrators in projectors have between 25 and 80 lenslets in each array.