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Lietotne: Open Office


From lieto(t) (to use) +‎ -tne.




lietotne f (5th declension)

  1. (computing, colloquial) application, app, applet (software that runs on computers, tablets, smartphones and similar devices and is perceived by the user as a tool for some specific purpose)
    teksta apstrādes lietotne Microsoft Word ir viena no izplatītākajām personālo datoru lietotnēmthe word processing application Microsoft Word is one of the most widespread personal computer applications
    tīmeklī ir pieejams tūkstošiem lietotņu, ko izmantot, piemēram, lai veidotu dokumentus, rediģētu fotoattēlus un klausītos mūziku pārlūkāon the web, thousands of apps are availalble that can be used, for instance, to make documents, to edit photo images and to hear music on your browser

Usage notes[edit]

Lietotne (or, more officially, lietojumprogrammatūra) is the "correct" or "standard" term. The synonym aplikācija is considered "incorrect"; in fact, it was even jokingly elected in Latvia as gada nevārds ('non-word of the year') in 2014. [1]