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Aplikācija (1)
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Via other European languages, ultimately borrowed from Latin applicātiō, from applicō (apply), made into a 4th-declension feminine noun ( +‎ -ācija). The sense "applique" is probably due to the influence of the French term appliqué.




aplikācija f (4th declension)

  1. (art) applique (decorative design made by applying materials to a surface)
    aplikācijas bērnu apģērbāmapliques on children's clothes
    aplikāciju pagatavošanathe making of appliques
    bērni no krāsainiem papīriem grieza aplikācijasthe children have cut appliques from colored paper
  2. (medicine) application (substances applied to an area of the skin for medicinal purposes)
    parafīna aplikācijaapplication of paraffin
    pēc dūņu aplikācijām asinīs samazinās askorbīnskābes daudzumsafter applications of mud, the amount of ascorbic acid in the blood decreases
  3. (computing, colloquial) application, app (software that runs on computers, tablets, smartphones and similar devices and is perceived by the user as a tool for some specific purpose)
    datora aplikācijascomputer applications
    Java RE tiek lietota uz mūsu datoriem, lai interneta vidē varētu apskatīt un lietot tās aplikācijas, kas rakstītas Java vidēJave RE is used on our computers so that we can see and use online the apps that are written in the Java environment

Usage notes[edit]

In the sense of "computer application", aplikācija is considered "incorrect" or "non-standard," the "correct" term being lietotne (or, more officially, lietojumprogrammatūra). In fact, aplikācija was even jokingly elected in Latvia as gada nevārds ('non-word of the year') in 2014. [1]