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light microscope (plural light microscopes)

  1. A scientific instrument which provides a magnified view of very small objects that are illuminated with visible light which then passes through optical lenses.
    • 1942 Dec. 14, "Science: Seeing by Electron Waves," Time (retrieved 25 Aug 2015):
      A big world beyond the limits of the ordinary light microscope now lies open to exploration.
    • 1982 Oct. 19, Harold M. Schmeck Jr., "Chemistry prize goes for research into intimate details of virus structure," New York Times (retrieved 25 Aug 2015):
      [M]acromolecular assemblies. . ., which include viruses, are too large to study by conventional X-ray diffraction methods, but too small to be seen under a light microscope.
    • 2011 March 2, Steve Connor, "‘Limitless’ microscope to aid virus research," Independent (UK) (retrieved 25 Aug 2015):
      Unlike the most powerful electron microscopes—which can see down to the scale of individual molecules—or fluorescent-based microscopes—which rely on the use of coloured dyes—the new light microscope does not need to interfere in any way with the living material it is used to study.


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