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From likums (law) +‎ -īgs (with likums from likt (to put, to place) +‎ -ums).


likumīgs (def. likumīgais, comp. likumīgāks, sup. vislikumīgākais; adv. likumīgi)

  1. legal, valid, lawful (based on, in accordance with, in compliance with, established by, the law)
    likumīga prasībalegal requirement
    likumīgs lēmumslegal decision
    likumīga laulībalegal, valid marriage
    māju likumīgais saimnieksthe legal owner of the house(s)
    pie manis jau tev nav jāstrādā vairāk kā likumīgās desmit stundas, tikai desmitto me you don't have to work more than the legal (= legally required) ten hours, only ten hours
  2. legitimate, legal (allowed by accepted rules)
    likumīgs gājienslegal move (e.g., in chess)


Related terms[edit]