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line feed (plural line feeds)

  1. On a typewriter, the action of the carriage roller to push the page up one or more lines, often simultaneously with executing a carriage return.
  2. (computing) The character (0x0a in ASCII) which advances the paper by one line in a teletype or printer, or moves the cursor to the next line on a display.
  3. (broadcasting) A signal that contains the content about to be broadcast on radio or television.
    • 1964, Ian K. Mackay, Broadcasting in Nigeria (page 30)
      It appears that Director Chalmers was the only one who, while reading the final draft, noticed that the wording of one clause required the Post Office to provide a line feed to each station.
    • 2003, Gil Murray, Nothing On But the Radio, page 33:
      Playing a “gig” in Toronto at the time, Lombardo and his boys arrived at RB to do a live line feed to New York for their regular dance-band series on CBS, just at a mement when Baker's one and only amplifier was in full use on CFRB's own air, broadcasting a lucrative locally-sponsored program of recorded music.
    • 2017, Ivan Cury, Directing and Producing for Television, page 281:
      The edited output of the picture is then sent out as the “line feed."



line feed (third-person singular simple present line feeds, present participle line feeding, simple past and past participle line fed)

  1. To advance the page one line at a time, particularly in rapid succession.



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