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Alternative forms[edit]


liplock (plural liplocks)

  1. (chiefly US, informal) A kiss; especially a long, passionate one.
    • 1997, Bruce Handy, "Roll Over, Ward Cleaver," Time, 14 Apr.,
      The character is also denied an affirming liplock with her female love interest—a former taboo that was long ago shattered by L.A. Law, Roseanne and, earlier this season, Relativity (men kissing men, on the other hand, remains, for now, a no-no).
    • 2007, Matt Stevens, "E! Reviews: P.S. I Love You," E! Online, 20 Dec. (retrieved 23 Jan. 2008),
      After lots of talk about "the perfect kiss," their close-up lip-lock is surprisingly boring.

Related terms[edit]