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lock +‎ out, from the verb phrase.


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lockout (plural lockouts)

  1. (labor) The opposite of a strike; a labor disruption where management refuses to allow workers into a plant to work even if they are willing.
  2. The action of installing a lock to keep someone out of an area, such as eviction of a tenant by changing the lock.
  3. (by extension) The exclusion of certain people from a place, event, situation, etc.
    It's another front-row lockout for Mercedes on the starting grid of the Japanese Grand Prix.
  4. The restriction of a population to a certain area, but allowing free movement within that region, in order to prevent the spread of disease. Compare lockdown.
  5. (computing) A situation where the system is not responding to input.
  6. A safety device designed to prevent touching a moving part when it is under operation.
  7. (weightlifting) The final portion of a weightlifting motion where all applicable limbs or joints are fully extended or "locked out".
  8. (weightlifting) An exercise meant to increase strength in the lockout portion of a lifting motion.


Derived terms[edit]