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  • From the verb loistaa (to glitter, to shine)



  1. glitter, gleam, shine
  2. (nautical) A beacon equipped with light, often showing different colours to different directions and blinking according to a recognizable pattern.
  3. luxury, often as modifier in compound terms.
    loistoristeilijä, loistohuvila
    luxury cruiser, luxury villa
  4. splendor, glory
    Ludvig XIV:n hovin loisto
    the splendor of the court of Louis XIV


Inflection of loisto (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative loisto loistot
genitive loiston loistojen
partitive loistoa loistoja
illative loistoon loistoihin
singular plural
nominative loisto loistot
accusative nom. loisto loistot
gen. loiston
genitive loiston loistojen
partitive loistoa loistoja
inessive loistossa loistoissa
elative loistosta loistoista
illative loistoon loistoihin
adessive loistolla loistoilla
ablative loistolta loistoilta
allative loistolle loistoille
essive loistona loistoina
translative loistoksi loistoiksi
instructive loistoin
abessive loistotta loistoitta
comitative loistoineen