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From Vulgar Latin *illui, which is a Vulgar Latin dative of Classical Latin ille (dative illī), so cognate to French "lui".



lyi (mf)

  1. him (indirect object)
    Djan ? Oyi, dji lyi a dit l' veur. (John? Yes, I told him the truth.)
  2. her (indirect object)
    Mareye ? Oyi dji lyi a dné des fleurs (Mary? Yes, I gave her flowers.)
  3. to it.
    Vosse tcheyire ? Oyi dji lyi a rmetou ene pate (Your chair? Yes, I put a new leg to it.)
  4. it to him.
    Dji lyi dirè (I will say it to him.)
  5. it to her.
    Cisse bale la, c' est da vosse sour; alez ! Rindoz lyi ! (This ball is your sister's. Come on ! Give it back to her).