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Etymology 1[edit]

From the 1954 movie The Naked Jungle, perhaps directly from the other etymology, or from a parallel South American source, though this would apparently have been the first time it was applied to ants.


marabunta (usually uncountable, plural marabuntas)

  1. A kind of army ant said to devour every living thing in its path

Etymology 2[edit]

From Kimbundu marimbonda (Sceliphron spirifex, a bright yellow and black wasp)


marabunta (plural marabuntas)

  1. Any of several large wasps known for their painful stings:
    1. (Guyana) Polistes infuscatus
      • GE Bodkin (1918), “Notes on some British Guiana Hymenoptera exclusive of the Formicidae”, in Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London[1], volume 1917, Vol. 65: “The local name is marabunta. Destroying marabunta nests with a wad of dried palm leaves attached to a long pole soaked in kerosene and ignited is an interesting operation for an onlooker at a respectful distance”
    2. (Guyana) a mud dauber or a mason wasp
      • Ignatius Scoles (1885) Sketches of African and Indian Life in British Guiana[2]:
        In and out he flies, bringing each time a tiny daub of mud, the building material of his choice. Before however, he has quite finished his dome or sealed it up he introduces a slender green worm, or more, to serve, it would seem, as larder for the children when they become conscious of their blissful existence and when they feel the pangs of hunger! This species of marabunta is often called the mason bee or fly, on account of its building powers or propensities.
    3. (West Indies) Synoeca surinama
    4. (West Indies) Polybia occidentalis and other species


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marabunta f (plural marabuntas)

  1. swarm (of insects)
  2. crowd (of people)