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  1. present participle of mark


marking (countable and uncountable, plural markings)

  1. The action of marking.
    • 2011 January 12, Saj Chowdhury, “Liverpool 2 - 1 Liverpool”, in BBC[1]:
      The Seasiders equalised soon after when Gary Taylor-Fletcher made the most of slack marking to slot home.
  2. A mark.
    • 2020 May 20, Ian Prosser, “Comment”, in Rail, page 7:
      Social distancing principles form a part of the essential controls needed to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. [...] For example, measures such as signage and floor markings to provide physical separation will help.
  3. The characteristic colouration and patterning of an animal.
  4. (graph theory) Any configuration of a Petri net with a number of marks or tokens distributed across it.

Derived terms[edit]