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master mariner (plural master mariners)

  1. (nautical) A seaman who has qualified to be a captain of a merchant ship
    • 1849, Francis Wharton, Precedents of Indictments and Pleas:
      That B. C. S., late, &c., master mariner, on, &c., at a foreign port or place called Valparaiso, in South America, then and there being the master and commander of the "Henry Clay," ...
    • 1901, Joseph Conrad, Falk: A Reminiscence,
      He was a Schiff-fuhrer: Ship-conductor. That's how they call a Master Mariner in Germany. I prefer our way. The alliteration is good, and there is something in the nomenclature that gives to us as a body the sense of corporate existence: Apprentice, Mate, Master, in the ancient and honourable craft of the sea.
    • 1987, D. J. House, Seamanship Techniques, Volume 2, chapter heading,
      Certificate of Competency for Master Mariner, Class 1


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