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From Latin matertera + -al.



materteral (comparative more materteral, superlative most materteral)

  1. Pertaining to, or in the manner of, an aunt.
    • 1990 (US), Peter Van Inwagen, Material Beings, Cornell University Press, →ISBN, p. 9,
      It may be that stipulations about parts and wholes are, in some way that undermines my materteral analogies, unlike stipulations about aunts and legacies.
    • 2004 (UK), Saif Rahman, Archipelago, Twenty First Century Publishers Ltd, →ISBN, p. 150,
      Only some insistent pleading (materteral rather than avuncular) had changed their mind.
    • 2006 (US), R. D. Chrisman, Cathedral Ledge, AuthorHouse, →ISBN, p. 123
      It pleased her to see Aunt Maude waiting tables. Smiling to herself, Alice reflected that Maude was materteral ... like a kindly aunt.
    • 2013 October 5, Bee Rowlatt, “Japan's new luxury sleeper train [print edition: Suite surrender on the rails]”, in The Daily Telegraph (Travel)[1], archived from the original on 9 November 2013, page T9:
      A materteral lady told me that people come here from the city in search of peace.

Coordinate terms[edit]


  • The Oxford English Dictionary has materteral and materterine, both derived from the Latin matertera (maternal aunt), and described as "humorously pedantic"; for "characteristic of an aunt". There are two quotations : With maternal and materteral anxiety (1823) and A kindly materterine message (1874).