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mega- +‎ candela


megacandela (plural megacandelas)

  1. (metrology) An SI unit of luminous intensity equal to 106 candelas. Symbol: Mcd
    • 1980, S. V. Szokolay, Environmental science handbook for architects and builders, page 99:
      Under clear sky conditions the luminance of the sun itself is around 1650 Mcd/m² (megacandela/m²)[.]
    • 1987, John E. Kaufman, ‎Jack F. Christensen, IES Lighting Handbook: Application volume (ISBN 0879950242), page 20-1:
      Searchlights utilized in helicopter operations range in size from a 450-watt, 0.4 megacandela unit using a type PAR-46 incandescent lamp (see Fig 20-3) up to a 30-kilowatt, xenon-lamped unit[.]
    • 2012, Julio Sanchez, Maria P. Canton, Embedded Systems Circuits and Programming (ISBN 1439879311), page 12:
      The light-emitting capacity of an LED is measured in megacandela or mcd. Small commercial LEDs range from 10 to about 5000 mcd.




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