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From Old High German mēro from Proto-Germanic *maizô, from Proto-Indo-European *mē- (many). See English more for more.


Broom icon.svg A user suggests that this German entry be cleaned up, giving the reason: “This isn't a real adjective (at least in the example with "mehr Essen", with mehres, mehrem it might be different): 1. It's "mehr Essen" not "mehres Essen" (strong/mixed neuter nominative/accusative ending -es). 2. It's "mehr Essen" without article; "mehr nahrhaftes Essen" is also possible; but "nahrhaftes mehr Essen", "das mehr Essen", "ein/kein mehr Essen" aren't possible. This has to be addressed somehow. Maybe by changing the POS, adding a note, splitting "mehr Essen" and mehr with mehres, mehrem into two different POS?”.
Please see the discussion on Requests for cleanup(+) or the talk page for more information and remove this template after the problem has been dealt with.



  1. comparative degree of viel; more
    Antonym: weniger
    Willst du mehr Essen?
    Do you want more food?




  1. more
    immer mehrmore and more
  2. (with negation) no longer, never again, nothing more, not anymore
    Er ist kein Kind mehr
    He is no longer a child.
    Ich mag dich nicht mehr.
    I don't like you anymore.
    nicht mehr langenot much longer
    nichts mehrnothing more, nothing left
    nie mehrnever again

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