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  1. (comparative degree of bon) better



From Proto-Italic *meljōs, from Proto-Indo-European *mélyōs, from *mel- (strong, big). Cognate with multus, Ancient Greek μάλα (mála), Latvian milns (very much, a lot of).



melior (neuter melius); third declension

  1. better; irregular comparative degree of bonus (good)


Third declension, comparative variant

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
Nominative melior melius meliōrēs meliōra
Genitive meliōris meliōris meliōrum meliōrum
Dative meliōrī meliōrī meliōribus meliōribus
Accusative meliōrem melius meliōrēs meliōra
Ablative meliōre meliōre meliōribus meliōribus
Vocative melior melius meliōrēs meliōra

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    • to find one's circumstances altered for the better (the worse): meliore (deteriore) condicione esse, uti
    • my position is considerably improved; my prospects are brighter: res meae meliore loco, in meliore causa sunt
    • my position is considerably improved; my prospects are brighter: meliorem in statum redigor
    • to hope well of a person: bene, optime (meliora) sperare de aliquo (Nep. Milt. 1. 1)
    • to induce some one to take a brighter view of things: in meliorem spem, cogitationem aliquem inducere (Off. 2. 15. 53)
    • heaven forfend: di prohibeant, di meliora!
    • (ambiguous) he feels better: melius ei factum est
    • (ambiguous) to deserve well at some one's hands; to do a service to..: bene, praeclare (melius, optime) mereri de aliquo