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mile +‎ -er



miler (plural milers)

  1. (sports, often in combination) An athlete or a horse who specializes in running races of one mile, or a specified number of miles.
    • 1905, E.W. Hornung, A Thief in the Night
      But the master himself was an old Oxford miler, who could still bear it better than I; nay, as I flagged and stumbled, I heard him pounding steadily behind.
    • 1907, Arthur Conan Doyle, Through the Magic Door:
      The champion sprinter is seldom a five-miler as well.
  2. (in combination) A race whose length is the specified number of miles.
    I ran an eight-miler on Sunday and I'm still feeling sore.

Derived terms[edit]






miler m (plural milers)

  1. a set of one thousand
    Synonym: milenar
  2. a quantity of roughly one thousand
    Synonym: milenar
    • 2020 December 12, David Bueno, “10 coses que encara no sabem del cervell [10 things we still don't know about the brain]”, in Ara[1]:
      Encara més: els òrgans dels sentits estan formats per milers de cèl·lules receptores que envien cadascuna el seu propi missatge al cervell.
      On top of that, our sensory organs are made up of thousands of receptor cells that each send their own message to the brain.

Usage notes[edit]

Rather than using the feminine ordinal (milena or mil·lèsima) as the word for a set of one thousand as is usual, for one thousand miler and milenar are used.

Further reading[edit]



miler c

  1. indefinite plural of mile

Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]

Etymology 1[edit]


miler f

  1. (non-standard since 2012) indefinite plural of mil

Etymology 2[edit]


miler f

  1. indefinite plural of mile
  2. indefinite plural of mila (non-standard since 2012)