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minnie (plural minnies)

  1. mom; mummy
    • 1874, Edward Bannerman Ramsay, Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character[1]:
      One boy, on coming late, explained that the cause had been a regular pitched battle between his parents, with the details of which he amused his school-fellows; and he described the battle in vivid and Scottish Homeric terms: "And eh, as they faucht, and they faucht," adding, however, with much complacency, "but my minnie dang, she did tho'."
    • 1806, Walter Scott, Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3)[2]:
      "There's naething left in the fair Dodhead, But a greeting wife and bairnies three, And sax poor ca's[134] stand in the sta', A' routing loud for their minnie."
    • 1780, Robert Burns, Poems And Songs Of Robert Burns[3]:
      When first I gaed to woo my Jenny, Ye then was trotting wi' your minnie: Tho' ye was trickie, slee, an' funnie, Ye ne'er was donsie; But hamely, tawie, quiet, an' cannie, An' unco sonsie.