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From monger +‎ -er.


mongerer (plural mongerers)

  1. (proscribed) Alternative form of monger.
    1. One who sells a particular commodity.
      • 1893, Marcus Clarke, Chidiock Tichbourne Or The Catholic Conspiracy[1], page 44:
        Come old mutton mongerer, despatch! despatch!
      • 2011 December 21, Pluffmud (username), “Mock lobster”, in[2]:
        Monkfish, the poor man's lobster, according to my fish mongerer, tasted very similar to lobster almost better in my eyes.
    2. One who promotes something undesirable.
      • 1894, A.G. Boone, “General Culture as an Element in Professional Training”, in Joint Documents of the State of Michigan[3], volume 3, page 43:
        What is wanted primarily, shall I say, in the teacher, is that he be a man or that she be a woman, not a method mongerer. [] By method is meant the law of the mind’s movement. This is a narrower field than that of psychology and even more fruitful of suggestion to the teacher.
      • 1918, George Franklin Wisner, The Wisners in America and Their Kindred, page 211:
        He was also an orator of no mean ability. He was not a phrase mongerer, but a man of ideas, and capable of presenting them in a clear and concise manner.
      • 2002, Jonathan Goldstein and Max Wallace, Schmelvis: In Search of Elvis Presley’s Jewish Roots, →ISBN, page 82:
        Are you entertaining whores with my gelt? Is my nephew a mongerer of whores?

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