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mount +‎ -ant


mountant (comparative more mountant, superlative most mountant)

  1. (archaic) Rising


mountant (plural mountants)

  1. (microscopy) The medium used for mounting a slide
    • 2004, Cletus P. Kurzman & Jack W. Fell, “Yeasts”, in Biodiversity of Fungi[1], →ISBN, page 335:
      Both mountants can be placed on the same slide, with spores placed in each.
  2. (photography, dated) The adhesive used to affix a photograph to a mount
    • 1911, Bernard Edward Jones, Encyclopedia of Photography[2], 1964 reprint edition, →ISBN, page 365:
      The favourite professional mountant was, and to some extent still is, starch paste.

Related terms[edit]