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Compare mag-, the actor trigger prefix, and -in-, which marks the complete aspect of most verbal triggers.


nag- (infinitive mag-, progressive naga-, nag-, ga-, contemplative maga-, mag-, imperative pag-)

  1. complete aspect of mag-
    Nagluto ko og utanI have/had cooked vegetables
  2. progressive aspect of mag-
    Synonyms: naga-, ga-
    Nagluto ko og utanI am/was cooking vegetables

Usage notes[edit]

  • The form naga- marking the progressive aspect is only ever heard of in formal contexts and is largely archaic, while nag- and ga- are in everyday use.
  • The conflation of the two aspects in nag- has rendered it as a general affix indicating an action that has started, regardless if it has been completed or is still ongoing.

Derived terms[edit]




nag- (Baybayin spelling ᜈᜄ᜔)

  1. complete aspect of mag-
    Nagluto ako ng gulay.I have/had cooked vegetables.
  2. (with reduplication) progressive aspect of mag-
    Nagluluto ako ng gulay.I am cooking vegetables.

Derived terms[edit]