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Clipping of magnet or magnetic.



  1. Magnetic.
    mag- + ‎lev(itation) → ‎maglev
    mag- + ‎slip → ‎magslip
    mag- + ‎tape → ‎magtape

Derived terms[edit]




From Proto-Austronesian *maʀ-, likely a portmanteau of the original actor trigger affix *-um- (inherited as Tagalog -um-) and *paʀ- (Tagalog pag-), as is the case in other actor trigger affixes (mang from pang- + -um-, and ma- from pa-/ka- + -um-).


mag- (Baybayin spelling ᜋᜄ᜔)

  1. actor trigger/focus verb prefix, used to express:
    1. an action
      Magluluto ako ng pagkain.I will cook food.
    2. the taking up of an occupation
      Nagdoktor si Mary noong 1987.Mary became a doctor in 1987.
    3. the use or wearing of something
      Hindi siya marunong mag-Ingles.He doesn't know how to speak (use) English.
      Mag-amerikana ka at malamig sa labas.Wear a coat because it's cold outside.
    4. a reciprocal action (for some verbs)
      Mag-usap muna tayo.Let's talk to each other first.
    5. (with CV reduplication): an action done repeatedly, continually, or intensely
      Nagsisisigaw ang mga bata.The children are screaming so much.
    6. (with root word reduplication): a reciprocal action involving three or more doers
      Magkikita-kita tayo sa susunod na linggo.We will see one another next week.
    7. (with root word reduplication): an action done occasionally, at random, a little, a bit, now and then, or here and there
      Naglakad-lakad si Pedro sa mall.Pedro walked a bit in the mall.
  2. verb prefix with no trigger/focus used to express being, occurrence, or existence
    Magpa-Pasko na bukas!It will be Christmas tomorrow!
    Maghahating-gabi na.It is almost midnight.
  3. noun prefix used to indicate:
    1. relationship between two persons
      mag- + ‎ama (father) → ‎mag-ama (father and child)
      mag- + ‎asawa (spouse) → ‎mag-asawa (married couple)
    2. (with CV reduplication): relationship among three or more persons
      mag- + ‎CV- + ‎ina (mother) → ‎mag-iina (mother and children)
      mag- + ‎CV- + ‎kapatid (sibling) → ‎magkakapatid (brothers and sisters, siblings)
    3. (with CV reduplication): occupation
      mag- + ‎CV- + ‎saka (farming) → ‎magsasaka (farmer)
      mag- + ‎CV- + ‎nakaw (something stolen) → ‎magnanakaw (thief, robber)

Usage notes[edit]

If the root word begins with a vowel or the root word is a proper noun, insert a hyphen after the prefix.

Also see usage notes at um-.

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