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  1. agent trigger: to do something
    Mag-aaral ako.
    I will study.

Usage notes[edit]

Mag- vs. um-[edit]
  • The affix mag- is usually used for verbs which involve an exterior object, whereas um- is used for verbs which don't.
    Nagtanong ako sa guro. = I asked the teacher.
    Umalis na ako. = I already left.
  • Mag- is also used for deliberate actions, while um- can be used for involuntary actions.
    Lumalaki ang bata. = The child grew.
  • Some words can also change meaning if either one of them is used.
    Root word: alis = to go
    mag-alis = to remove
    umalis = to leave
    Root word: sakay = riding
    magsakay = to load
    sumakay = to ride

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