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Alternative forms[edit]


From French nationaliser. Surface etymology is national +‎ -ize.



nationalize (third-person singular simple present nationalizes, present participle nationalizing, simple past and past participle nationalized) (American spelling, Oxford British English)

  1. (rare) To make into, or to become, a nation.
    • 1910, History for Ready Reference from the Best Historians, page 316:
      Probably no Hindu who could make intelligent use of political freedom ever dreams of the present possibility of a nationalized India, []
  2. To bring a private company under the control of a specific government.
    Antonym: privatize
    The government plans to nationalize the energy industry.
  3. To bring a concept such as a political issue or commercial campaign to the attention of the entire country.
  4. (archaic) To make national; to make a nation of; to endow with the character and habits of a nation, or the peculiar sentiments and attachment of citizens of a nation.

Derived terms[edit]